Thank you to Tim Stephenson Photography for the amazing action shots!

There's something about ice-cream that everybody loves, maybe it brings back memories of when we were kids, sitting in the sun with ice-cream melting down our hands, or maybe it's because it really is a "go to" dessert, it's quick and easy, super tasty with lots of options, or you can dress up a boring dessert with a good helping of delicious ice-cream! 

Our ice-cream is the bomb - not only do you get to choose what flavour you'd like but you also get to watch us make it for you, it literally takes a couple minutes for our ice pans to reach super cold temperatures, once it's at that temperature we will create your ice cream for you, we have to work quickly and there is quite a knack to it but you will be presented with a cup of delicious pan fried ice cream with extra toppings for you to enjoy! 

A fun part of having us is our infamous TFI roll off - our brides and grooms get to make their own ice creams on the pans, watched and cheered on by their guests who then declare a winner.......we even provide a trophy for the best ice cream, brides are currently in the lead! Guests are entertained, the photographers tend to love the action shots and theres nothing like a bit of healthy competition to start married life! 


It's what's on the inside that counts

We are a family run business, who just so happens to love ice-cream!